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Do not Do Invalid Clicks.

Google Adsense publisher is strictly prohibited conduct Invalid clicks. Because it can be detrimental to the advertisers in adwords googla. Therefore you as one of the publisher must be careful with the "invalid clicks" it. Your account might be banned on google adsense.
There are some things that are categorized as invalid clicks google adsense, among others, namely:
Direct hits. 
Direct your visitors into your website without going through search engines or other links, in other words, visitors / guests you directly typing your URL in the browser, and it makes Googlebot Mediapartners (robot detector adsense) you suspect told a friend / brother / Family / clicking your own adsense ads on your website.

How long your visitors diwebsite you before clicking on adsense ads?
If you direct visitors clicking on adsense ads without without reading the article on your website, what is not suspicious of google adsense? you can answer that yourself.

Number IP and hostname. 
which is usually assumed that we detect the google adsense clicking your own ads from IP numbers. But perhaps for that use static IP such as that used large companies, offices, was valid. So, for those of you who opens an account adsense websites do not tell you to your office friends, let alone tell them to click your adsense ads. But for those using DYNAMIC IP, such as my limited user speedy, does not apply.

IP Subnet
This could be considered too, for that use dynamic IP, not too happy as if he can not track your adsense clicking their own ads. You need to know that we are using dynamic IP and using a particular service provider, we still are in the same subnetwork. for example I use a speedy, I still subnet, so after you turn off then turn on your speedy, you stay on the same subnet.

In addition to the subnet, google adsense can also track the state and the city where our visitors come, especially those of you who live in the USA, zip code, CODE DMA can also be detected. If the three-month visitor's subnet and everything is in the same country, Did you know ... what happened ..?

IP Proxy / Anonymizer 
Ff you or your visitors are using a proxy server or proxy server is well known that leaving the header that is not clean, for example leaving the USER AGENT obviously left the identity of TH-AN-proxy them, just be careful. Advertisers who buy adwords sometimes block visitors who use proxy servers, and if it is frequent, they will report your site to adsense.

Or the combination of the following:

This is a combination of robots used to detect invalid clicks adsense. please note that any surfing you name the USER AGENT we sent to the server?

Operating System, 
This will also be sent to the server and can be read javascriptnya adsense.

The resolution monitors
This combination is also being considered invalid robot to track adsense clicks.

Maybe you can learn more by putting a hit counter that can provide full information to you, from there you will understand more about what data2 can be read javascript.

For the paranoid, the following can also be considered:

This could make you apes, you usually do not understand how it can endanger your cookies settings, for example, you frequently check your account back and forth to the website adsense, you forgot mengclearkan cookies, then you idly click your adsense ads, from cookies that will know your adsense mengclick your own adsense ads.
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How to Increase Your Google Adsense CTR (part 2)

This is the second part of two series of articles about How to Increase Your Google Adsense CTR. The first part is How to increase your Google Adsense CTR part 1.
Here are some other tips to increase your Google Adsense CTR:

7. Place an image near your ads because user tends to look at this section.
8. Use channel to track your ads performance.
9. Include Google Search Box in your website. Though it will not drastically increase your CTR, it's still worth to be used. Around 3% of my monthly income comes from Google Search Box. What I love about this facility is that it shortens my development process. I don't have to develop my own search facility and let Google handles it!
10. Do not click your own ads, or ask people to click it. Believe me, Google will be able to detect those illegal clicks and they will ban your Adsense account if you do it. In fact, I even suggest you emailing Google if you find that your CTR is "abnormal" (above 20%). Ask them to investigate it, in case one of your competitors tries to ruin your reputation.
11. Increase your traffic. There are many ways to increase your traffic; firstly you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then submitting your website to several search engines, directories, free articles directories, doing link baiting, and many more. I will discuss all these techniques in another article.
12. Many people suggest targeting high paying keywords. But I won't recommend the same thing because I'm sure you will face bloody competition to reach the top position in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). Believe me, there are thousands of people who also think like you do. I would prefer to use popular keywords that many people search in Google and there are not many competitors (let's say, 200 - 400 searches a day with total competitors below 500,000). These maybe are not high paying keywords (they usually only pay $0.1 - $1/click); but imagine if you can get 1000 page views/day with 3% CTR, you already get $3 - $30/day! (for a new publisher, this is a very good start).
13. Being specific. If you have many interests, do not put them into a single website. You better create several websites for each of them. For example, you like baking cake, cooking and gardening. Do not put them together into a single website because it will make it too general. You better create three different websites for each of them. This will make them more specific, has more targeted visitors and your keywords will not be diluted.
14. Learn what "masters" say. You will find many valuable tips by joining Google Adsense forum such as
15. Be patient. If you are a new Google Adsense publisher, please remember one thing: BE PATIENT. You won't become a millionaire within a night. Everything takes time (unless you already have huge amount of traffic). Good Luck
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About Google AdSense CTR

If you are running advertising on your website/ weblog, or plan to, one of the more interesting web metrics is CTR, or Click-Through Rate. It’s important from a financial point of view and refers to the percentage of clicks on an ad (or any link in fact) compared to the number of impressions said ad (or link) received.

For example, if your home page receives 1000 pageviews for a given day, and the same 5 ads appear on that page all day, all the time, then each ad receives 1000 impressions for that day. To calculate CTR for each ad, you divide the number of clicks for that ad by the number of impressions. So if ad 1 received 20 clicks, then the CTR is (20/1000)x100% = 2.00%.

If you are calculating CTR for an entire channel, there a number of ways that this is calculated, but not all of them are accurate. A channel, by the way, can refer to a number of things, at least for Google AdSense. The simplest definition is that a channel refers to a domain, subdomain, or URL. For Google AdSense, you can also sub-divide pages by ad type or colour, etc., to define more granular custom channels.

Let’s talk about a domain channel. Track your channels throughout the day, maybe every hour or two hours. Just for one day. When you get the first click (or more) on a channel, record the indicated CTR, then watch the channel closely. As the day progresses, the CTR for that channel will change. Whether it goes up or down depends, of course, on further traffic and clicks. In my experience, CTR for a channel drops by the end of the day.

Overall, the day’s CTR for a given channel isn’t that important per se. What’s more important is a graph of the CTR for each of your channels over a range of time, say at least 6 months. You can also calculate the overall CTR for all your channels, and then graph it over time as well. The latter CTR, on a daily basis, is equal to the total ad clicks for all channels, divided by the total pageviews for all channels, times 100%.

If you are very serious about tracking your CTR, you will want to create an MA (Moving Average) or MMA (Multiple Moving Averages) graph for daily CTR values over a long period of time.

What I’ve noticed for my blogs is that my overall network CTR has been dropping gradually since its peak in Nov 2005. This is probably due to having too many blogs with just a few posts, which are not generating many clicks. It’s been rumoured that this lack of performance can result in lower AdSense earnings per click for your other weblogs. Consider looking at the CTR or CTR MMA graphs for each of your weblogs individually. For instance, I know that some of my blogs are actually doing better over time. I’ve considered removing advertising from those that are not performing.
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